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Story of Swan Connector

Story of Swan Connector

Jun. 25, 2019

Dongguan Swan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, built in 2004, has 15 years experiences in connector industrial. Till today, we have perfect supply chain, professional engineers, experienced workers to support your great order and OEM service. We support dc charging connector, audio connector, usb connector and cable assembly.

DC Charging connector

2.0*0.6, 2.35*0.7, 2.5*0.7, 3.5*1.1, 3.5*1.35, 4.0*1.7, 4.5*0.6, 4.75*1.7, 5.5*1.0, 5.5*1.7, 5.5*2.1, 5.5*2.5, 6.3*3.0, 6.5*1.4, 6.5*3.0, 7.4*0.6, 7.9*0.9

Audio connector

2.5mm diameter 2pole, 2.5mm diameter 3pole, 2.5mm diameter 4pole, 3.5mm diameter 2pole, 3.5mm diameter 3pole, 3.5mm diameter 4pole, 3.5mm diameter 5pole, 4.4mm diameter 5pole, 5.2mm diameter 3pole, 6.3mm diameter 2pole, 6.3mm diameter 3pole, 7.1mm diameter 4pole, 7.1mm diameter 5pole

USB connector

Micro usb male and female solder type, Micro usb female SMT type, Micro usb female DIP type, USB A male solder type, USB A female solder type, USB A female SMT type, USB A female DIP type, USB C male solder type, USB C female solder type

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